The Nordix




Nordix Fitness equipment is made using heavy duty steel and is 100% designed, engineered and manufactured in Great Britain.

Designed purposely to facilitate the Nordic Curl and all its variations, the Nordix is one of the most effective posterior chain training tools on the market, making it a top choice for athletes who want to greatly increase their physical performance. Its strong, robust and compact design is built for both purpose and easy storage and has been successfully tested throughout multiple facets of the health and fitness industry.

The Nordix offers comfort, durability and a new, unique training stimulus that will enhance your athletic ability and push you to the next level. (The Master The Nordic Curl Ebook comes free with every Nordix unit purchase!)

Total Unit Footprint: – 120cm long x 50cm wide x 36cm high ( Max height of ankle lock )

Main Body Of Unit: – 120cm long x 50cm wide x 12cm high

Total Unit Weight: – 25kg

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